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Elizabeth Ratliff

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About me!


I'm Elizabeth, welcome to my website! 

My acting career began long ago - when I landed ​my first lead role in professional theater at the ripe age of 9. Since then, I've trained, performed, and grown in new disciplines and new acting pursuits!

In 2020, COVID caused me to take a step back. Where did my priorities lie? When my industry was shut down, I started to think about what it was I loved most about my field, and how it could change. 

Thus began StatisFlix: a channel dedicated to the pursuit of equity in theater and film. With my Duke degree in Statistical Science, I use math and data to tell the truth about how industry can grow - and practice my voiceover narration skills, too!

I believe in love, equity, and hard work. Hire me for your next gig!




Tel: 804-652-9695

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